Step-by-step manual facilitates development of smart grids

  • 29 May, 2015
    Expertos en Red
  • Summary:

    Smart grids promise numerous benefits to electricity systems, like cost savings from efficiency improvements, more customer choice and greater use of renewable energy sources. But as with any innovative technology, designing and implementing smart grids requires meticulous preparation and careful execution. For that, the IEA offers step-by-step instruction in its new How2Guide for Smart Grids in Distribution Networks.

    The publication, the second in the How2Guide series after a manual for developing wind power, uses case studies and specific experience gleaned from IEA workshops to explain how best to incorporate cutting-edge monitoring and management into electricity systems. The key message of How2Guide for Smart Grids in Distribution Networks is twofold: advanced technologies can improve overall system efficiency if deployed with the strategic steps outlined; and smart grids can facilitate energy infrastructure that catalyses smart, sustainable urban development.

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