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Government strategies that advance public awareness and education towards a clean energy economy – Postponed -New date will be informed shortly

  • 26 abril, 2018, 10:00
    Carolina Pena-Alarcon
    Clean Energy Solutions Center


    The webinar will provide participants with an overview of government strategies in developing a better public understanding and awareness to increase energy conservation and efficiency. The webinar will offer three case studies that showcase structural shifts in addressing skills deficits and creating new jobs that will arise in businesses that are expected to grow as economies go greener, and thus triggering green investment, technological innovation, and entrepreneurship.
    The case study conducted for the Montserrat Ministry of Communications, Works, Energy & Labour offers a comprehensive consumer energy outreach and awareness strategy that aims to educate and engage the general public, in order to drive Montserrat as a whole towards a sustainable energy future and effect long-term change in local attitudes towards energy usage.
    The case study conducted for the Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development (RCEs) in Albania will provide an overview of options for pursuing residential energy savings strategies and key intervention areas for homes, condominiums and apartments.
    The case study conducted for the Ministries of Education and Energy in the Eastern Caribbean States and the Bahamas presents a program that was designed to educate and raise awareness on energy and climate literacy among educators and to strengthen institutional and educational capabilities in the educational system.

    Please make the free registration in this webinar in the following link https://goo.gl/forms/qYy4lHeKf4Fr4Hp32

    We will be very pleased to have your participation!

    Acerca del expositor:

    Carolina provides policy assistance to governments through the Clean Energy Solutions Center. She has experience in international development and sustainable energy planning. She possesses strategic leadership skills in addressing emerging government-wide sustainable development challenges, and delivers solutions through effective collaborations. She works closely with a network of clean energy policy experts and international partners to implement targeted assistance and shared best practices.

    Through dialogue, Carolina has strengthened environmental governance towards low-carbon economic development in more than 30 countries. Carolina also has spearheaded a regional energy literacy program with the goal of increasing the interest and knowledge of young students, and motivating them to become tomorrow’s environmental leaders.
    Carolina has a MSc in Environmental and Energy Management from George Washington University.

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