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Clean Energy Solution Center Initiatives in the Caribbean Region

  • 19 abril, 2018, 10:00
    Carolina Pena-Alarcon
    Clean Energy Solutions Center


    The Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) is a partnership of the world’s largest and most forward-leaning economies working together to accelerate the global clean energy transition. This is accomplished through several initiatives and in partnership with leading international and regional clean energy organizations.
    The webinar will provide participants with an overview of one of the cross-cutting Initiatives under the CEM, the Clean Energy Solutions Center (Solutions Center) and its services. The Solutions Center’s services including the marquee “Ask an Expert” technical assistance, the web-based trainings and peer-to-peer learning forums. Through the Ask an Expert service, officials at all levels of government can quickly and easily access a collaborative network of over 60 world class experts from over 15 countries for high quality, objective technical assistance at no cost.
    The webinar will have a particular emphasis on the delivery of technical assistance on a wide-range of policies, programs, finance mechanisms, resources and tools that enable low-carbon economies and help combat climate change globally. The webinar will include case studies and success stories of the Solutions Center’s expert assistance for both national and subnational governments in developing and emerging countries worldwide.

    Acerca del expositor:

    Carolina provides policy assistance to governments through the Clean Energy Solutions Center. She has experience in international development and sustainable energy planning. She possesses strategic leadership skills in addressing emerging government-wide sustainable development challenges, and delivers solutions through effective collaborations. She works closely with a network of clean energy policy experts and international partners to implement targeted assistance and shared best practices.
    Through dialogue, Carolina has strengthened environmental governance towards low-carbon economic development in more than 30 countries. Carolina also has spearheaded a regional energy literacy program with the goal of increasing the interest and knowledge of young students, and motivating them to become tomorrow’s environmental leaders.
    Carolina has a MSc in Environmental and Energy Management from George Washington University.

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